Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Information about the Happy Heart Hunt

* The Happy Heart Hunt started on Feb 12 and ends on Feb 28. (Pic says 26 but it's 2 days more)

* It's located here:

* 40 hearts are hidden in and around the store. You can get information about the locations in the store.

* Pictures:

How does it work?
You need to go to the Main Store and pick up your Hud/Card.

Do I need to be a group member of Oceane Waves? 

Do I have to pay to become a group member? 
Yes, the enrollment fee for Oceane Waves is 250L.

Can I get as many huds as I want?
You get one hud/card per day. But you may save it in your inventory and do the hunt on another time if you are not able to do it now.

How many gifts can I get?
You can get 15 gifts.

How often can I do this hunt?
The Hunt lasts 15 days as from now until Feb 28. You get one hud/card per day and so you can redeem 15 cards when they are full.

How many hearts are there?
There are 40 hearts all together, which means there are 2 of each. The reason for that is to give you more chance to find them. However, if you find a duplicate it will tell you that you already validated the *store*. It simply means you validated that heart. The system I bought is not full perm so I cannot change that name.

Nothing happens if I click the heart. What now?
Wear the hud, stand close to the heart and click it. You should see the text appear on your hud and you can move on to the next.

What happens if I detach the hud?
The information stays in the hud, so the hearts you already collected will still be there. 

Alright my card is full. How can I get a gift? 
After you collected 20 hearts you'll get the message that you can redeem your card. Go to the redemption point and decide what you would like from the gifts that are shown there on the tables. Wear the card and click the redemption point, then wait until you get a message about picking your gift. You have 2 minutes to do so. Once you did that the item should be delivered to you shortly.

Is it for male and female?
It is for both male and female, I have gifts for both sexes. You can bring as many friends as you like but they need to become a member.

I am a blogger and would like to blog about the hunt.
Contact me.

Any questions concerning this hunt please contact me, Cinnamon Mortensen, Ellaserene Resident or Dollystar Piers.

Hunt gifts for Oceane's Happy Heart Hunt