Sunday, January 30, 2011

Natural Skins: Jade and Amber

Natural skins are perfect as basis for tattoo layers. No more unwanted mixing up with the underneath makeup, but just a clean pure look.
Jade and Amber were just released, Peaches, Shye, Rose, Nubia and Yasmin are on their way and will be released in the next weeks.

There are 4 variety's of every skin: Pure, Freckles, with teeth, and with Freckles and teeth. Each skin is 1000L, 4packs are 3000L, cleavage or no cleavage and in 7 tans.

Calling all nekos

Have you been feeling the purrfect urge to showcase all your nine lives, but haven’t found the right skin to do so yet? Have no fear, Oceane’s here!
Our lovely Oceane Grimaux has this special Neko skin that’s sure to s-purr you kitties on.  This kitty neko skin has some special cat scratches and paw prints to give it that authentic cat-dragged-in look Smile. It’s such a steal at 500L for the level of detail on the skin like the nail polish, scratches, paint, and tattoo work.
You should also pick up this absolutely precious liquid 3 tone neko eyes to go with it. Its priced at just 150L.
While you’re there, do check out Peaches, Shye and Rose, they’re discounted.


Check it out: Oceane's Body Boutique

Sensually yours: Touch of Sensuality Hunt!

Anything that delights the senses is sensual, and Oceane’s skins are really soo scrumptilicious that its no wonder she’s participating in the Sensuality hunt (30th January – 28th February). Her offering is the delightful Oceane's Valentine Bride, no cleavage, Cream tan.
This sensual skin contains beautiful designs on the face and a lovely heart tattoo on the butt. Wear it to please your valentine sweetheart and he is sure to drown in your beauty (life jacket’s recommended Smile).
You are looking for a red petal, and here is your hint:
#47~ Oceane’s Village ~I am bewitched by sexy red lips.

Shape: Jade (Oceane's Body Boutique)
Eyes: Liquid eyes Dutch sky (Oceane's Body Boutique) 
Shoes: Revelation
Lingerie: Earth & Sky
Hair: Sdys, Bizarre white

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weekend Special: Jade Rainbow skin for 199L only

Oceane Grimaux's been a busy bee churning out skins before I can even write about them.
So here is the latest buzz: Oceane’s got Jade Rainbow out. It is a super-delicious Asian-looking skin with all the vividness of the colors of a rainbow, and comes with or without cleavage.
If you feel the need to paint the town red, purple, or yellow, the Jade Rainbow skin is for you. Oh and it's in honey tan! Talk about a finger licking time.
This skin is on a weekend special that’s a must buy for only 199L (normally 500L).
Combine her looks with the lovely colorful liquid 3 tone rosa eyes and Jade shape.
Check it out: Oceane’s Body Boutique
Jade rainbow shoot cleavage

Amber for 99L “only” at German Designers United

Have you heard? Oceane’s participating in the German Designers United project – The Black Effect. This is a place where you can get some really lovely items within 44-99L.
Oceane’s put up the gorgeous Amber skin (cleavage) with teeth and mole for 99L. Please note that this skin is discounted only at the GDU location. Its normally available for 1000L at Oceane’s Body Boutique.
Check it out: *JD*Design & **German Designers United***

Gorgeous Amber

Amber Cleavage

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yasmin: 1001 Night beauty

What can I tell you about my Yas that the pics already didn't tell you? She is sophisticated, mysterious and she comes in 2 tans for now: Coffee and Honey, in Cleavage or non Cleavage option (push up effect). Seperate tattoolayers available for her lips, nailpolish and tattoo layers for lips &nails. You can get her in 16 fantastic makeups, but also in 4packs and in full pack.

Check it out in my Village! Here are a few piccy's: