Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pippi makeups

Pippi Lips: available in 10 colors. Full makeups and eyeshadows also available in 10 colors, fat pack and skinny packs (5 each). 

Pippi Skin and Leilu shape

Out now. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Oceane supports Curio skins/Gala Phoenix

Just showing my support to Gala and her excellent line of work.
As posted on SL Universe on 5/29/2012 here is my opinion on the matter for what it's worth:

The first thing that comes in mind here is: wow, this is a crazy missunderstanding, something is terribly wrong here. This is NOT possible, not Gala Phoenix, you can actually recognize her work from miles away. When I started doing skins in 2008 she was an example for me, one of the first that had really good realistic skins, and she has her own style.

It would be the same as if someone would accuse Tricky Boucher of Belleza or Laq skins of doing this...

As one of the many many skin designers in SL I probably am not so very famous as Curio but I go some time back and I know that Gala Phoenix is a well respected designer. I always think of her as an original and trusted designer and admire her work, although we have very different styles. I don't know her personally though.
As for Hush skins, I never heard of them until some weeks ago when someone mentioned them.

What could have happend is that the basic skins that Hush used were bought from someone that copybotted Curio's skins and sold them as originals. Some time ago me and some other designers found a forum where our stuff could be downloaded for free, anyone could have downloaded that and sell it, so who knows? Hush could be a victim and not know that... and same for Gala.

It's a nightmare really and I hope Hush and Curio can talk about this and sort it out together without a mud fight. Personally I would be devastated if that happened to me. This is why I always save everything I make and use, so I have always proof of what I did, how and when. I suppose that when you use a ready to wear template from a wholeseller then it's possible you and others who use that template create a similar product. However, you can't go wrong if you use your own stuff. If you mix and match your own stuff with a ready to wear template (or whatever you can call it) then yeah... you know there is always a risk. Some time ago Dura hair was also accused and were banned from SL. I am happy he could return so we can still enjoy his lovely hair styles. Hopefully this problem will be solved soon.

By the way:
Gala Phoenix 11/11/2004
Hush Darkrose 11/10/2010

Do you honestly think that a trusted and well known designer like Gala, who released tons of skins and stuff in Sl and is this old would copy someone elses, fairly new, skins? Think not.