Thursday, July 8, 2010

Time flies

Oh wow, I didnt blog anything in june, still have to get used to getting this updating and with all the creating and rl that needs attention, plus the new building, I just have not enough time. About the building: I have half of Wunderville now to fill with gorgeous shapes and skins (and lots more) and I wanted a sicilian village on oceans side (three sides that is) and my Main store in a fusion Mediterranean- Arabic- Indian style. It's coming along just fine (finally) but it's so much work. The old store is gone now and the land is closed so no sellings atm, unless on XstreetSL where I have many of my items listed, including skins, shapes, eyes, textures, furniture and lashes.

What did I, apart from working on the sim, do else in june which I forgot to mention?
Well, I made matching nails for Jade, Peaches and Shye (see next blog), created a new whiter tan called Milk for Shye (on request), created a brand new skin Nubia, which will be released when the new store opens, and worked on a new clothing line.

This is a snapshot from the store, last week:

And now it looks like this:

By night

The bridge to the other shops

The village with little shops

I still have some work on the textures and need to do something about the roof. This is how the (almost empty) interior looks:

Glimpse on the Hammam where we can show off our gorgeous bodies, have a body & mind treatment, chat some and have a nice minty tea.

The Hammam will be on the first floor, as the skins and shapes, eyes, lashes, enhancements and clothes. You would think I'd have enough space now to show everything but I am still struggling with it, lol.