Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Groupgift 3000 members: Chichi skin

Free skin in 4 options: Chichi with freckles, no freckles, cleavage and no cleavage.
Temporarily free.

Chichi shape: 600L

Glamorous Full Makeups

A combination between the Glamorous eyeshadows and Jade's lipsticks. A perfect solution for as long as we dont have the multiple tattoo layers! Freshen your old beloved skin up with these tattoo layers and you got a complete fantastic fresh look :)

Single Full makeup: 250L
Full pack (10 makeups): 1750L

Goth Lipsticks

Goth Lips perfect with any Milk tan skin. 7 colors.
Price single color: 100L
Full pack (7 colors): 500L

Satin Shimmery eyeshadows

Shimmery eyeshadows with a satin look.
Single 135L
Full pack (10 colors) 1000 L

Glamorous Eyeshadows

These Glammy eyeshadow give you that sophisticated stunning look you always wanted. Also available in Full Makeups, in combination with Jades lipsticks.
Single eyeshadows: 135L
Full pack (10 pack: 1000L)

Jade's Lipsticks

The best selling skin I have is Jade. Delicate shiney lips and lovely makeups. Now the tattoo layers became reality I made 68 colours in tattoo layers who will match every skin and tan. The lipsticks are seperately available, in 4packs and as full pack.

Single: 135 L
4 pack: 450L
Full pack Beige Brown or Red Orange (20 lipsticks) 1950L
Full pack Pink Purple (28 Lipsticks) 2750L

Here are the pics!