Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Shapes (FAQ)

Q: Do you adjust your shapes to my likings?
A: Sure, send me your wishes in a notecard and I will reply.
Q: Can I get a Chichi face with a Terry body?
A: Yes. send me your wishes in a notecard and I will reply. 
Q: I want a totally new shape and it should be named after me. I know exactly what I want: I want to look like Brigitte Bardot.
A: A shape and a skin always work together. So it depends on the skin also what the results will be. Luckily I can provide both. Send me a notecard and will reply.
Q: I need a shape that fits a mesh dress but I like one of you shapes so much. Can you tweak it for a mesh dress?
A: Yes I can. Send me a notecard and name it after you.
Q: Can you make a completely new custom shape for me?
A: Yes. Write down the info I need to have. You need to be as thorough as possible because I can't read minds yet although I am trying hard. This means: send me pictures or any examples (urls) you want me to have.
So you cannot ask me to make a shape that 's a look alike made by another designer, because it's not modyfiable and you want to be able to mod it.
My shapes are all mod and copy, no trans. It is possible for you to adjust it yourself also. Which is needed because with mesh and prims you cannot always have the same shape.

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