Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Several questions (FAQ)

Q: I would like a make-up combined with a tattoo (picture in this case like a real life tattoo) on a certain spot of my body. Can you do that? 
A: Yes, but keep in mind that I can do this only within SL limitations. Send me a notecard and I will reply. 
You need to be the owner of that tattoo and it can be send to my email adress full perm, on a transparent layer. If I have to cut the image out  from the background (because you saw something online and you def want it) then it takes time to make that. It depends on your request how much time. However: you will have a unique body tattoo! 
I will also ask you to pay me 50% upfront. 
Q: Why do I have to pay for your group?
A: I am a hard working designer that tries to make your SL life more beautiful. I spend a lot of time in SL but I also have to eat and pay the rent. So it's a choice. My choice is to be in Sl and design, which makes me happy, but I can't do it all for free. Do you wonder why some of your favorite designers choose to quit their business in SL or why they don't have the time to design more? This is why. You need us and we need you, it's as simple as that.
Q: Why can't I get a refund?
A: All my stuff is non trans and therefore I can't refund you. However if you bought the same product twice within a month then I can. I need your transaction history for that. 
Q: Can I please be your model?
A: I usually do not hire models. It's much easier for me to be my own model, because coaching someone takes a lot of work and efforts and I don't have the time. Sometimes I make an exception though. Your portfolio needs to be top notch, which means you only work with the best photographers and top brands in SL, bloggers and so on.
Q: I am a stylist, can you use my services?
A: I am not sure what you mean by that. If it means you ask me 20k to come up with  for a great style then no, sorry, that's a no go. If you love to combine styles together and want to use my skins and makeups, eyes etc  (in other words you need my sponsoring) then I am happy to do so.... if:
- you can show me what you already did on that field
- if I like what I see 
- if you add up to my expectations (which always comes down to network, pictures and a personal click.) 
Show me what you got. Then I will decide. 
Q: Can I please be your blogger? 
A: I am delighted you want to blog about my products. But if this means you want me to send you free stuff then there are some rules. Now this is tricky stuff here, I don't want to step on toes, but please understand my point of view. Blogging about skins and make-ups requires knowledge of what you are doing and the drive to make fantastic pics. If your pictures are not doing justice to my products then I won't send you my items for free. Unfortunately this happens a lot. I am not keen on effects in pictures,which makes my skins and makeups totally different then how I made them. 
I am not talking about creative work such as model pictures or art work, because every artist is free to create what they want. I would never ever have comment on that, do whatever you want with what you bought from me, I am totally fine with it. However, this is different when it comes to blogging. Free publicity is great but if you make my stuff look horrid then I won't support you on that, because it pains me. And trust me, I have seen that many times, because EVERYBODY blogs. As a writer, editor and journalist in RL I know enough about blogging to understand what is going on and how it works. I worked for female magazines and worked with tons of PR agency's. 
A huge issue for me are the pictures with jagged edges and bad lightings and shades. 
My skins do not need much effects to be honest. I usually crop mine, work on the edges some because SL mesh can make the edges jagged. That' s it basically. Sometimes I soften it a bit but I would never sharpen certain area's or do other different effects to them for a vendor picture to make them look better. Simply because they are already great. If you use a bad windlight effect then yes, the skin doesn' t quite look good. In this case it's really not beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it's about knowledge of what you are doing in Photoshop. I just want to sell what the picture promises, and be honest about it. What you see is what you get with me. Always.
So if you want to be my blogger then please send me a notecard with information, your flickr pages and your blog so I can have a look. I also want to know how it's doing traffic wise and how long you are a blogger. If this all adds up to my expectations I will welcome you with open arms and send you my stuff on a regular basis. 
Q: Can I please be your photographer?
A: Usually I do my own photography, but sometimes I will ask a photographer to make a special picture. If you are interested then send me your flickr pages and your pricelist. A lot has to do with personal taste of course.
Q: I want to create shapes with your skins. Can you sponsor me?
A: Sometimes I do. But only if you have a decent shop and already built a name as a shape creator. Which means you are in the business for some time and you are promoting your stuff as passionate as I do mine. You usually make shapes also for other top brands. Please send me a notecard with info and I will get back to you. I have demo's of all skins and makeups and you can use that, of course. If you are going to promote the shape in your shop and marketplace I might sponsor you but only on the conditions I already mentioned and not always. Please do not send me your shape, also not full perm, because I will decline it. And sending me an IM with: "Your shapes stink, I can do much better"  won't impress me at all. 
Q: I am a designer and want to use your skins, makeups and shapes in my vendor pictures. Can you sponsor me with your products?
A: I sometimes sponsor top brands with some items and only when they are in the business for some time, at least 3 years. Do you use a model fo your pictures then send me a notecard with the name of that model and I will reply. Which doesn't mean this is a yes.
Q: I have a mall and I would like to offer you a shop for a very good price. Are you interested?
A: Maybe, but I usually decline. Send me a notecard with the info. We'll see.

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