Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sensually yours: Touch of Sensuality Hunt!

Anything that delights the senses is sensual, and Oceane’s skins are really soo scrumptilicious that its no wonder she’s participating in the Sensuality hunt (30th January – 28th February). Her offering is the delightful Oceane's Valentine Bride, no cleavage, Cream tan.
This sensual skin contains beautiful designs on the face and a lovely heart tattoo on the butt. Wear it to please your valentine sweetheart and he is sure to drown in your beauty (life jacket’s recommended Smile).
You are looking for a red petal, and here is your hint:
#47~ Oceane’s Village ~I am bewitched by sexy red lips.

Shape: Jade (Oceane's Body Boutique)
Eyes: Liquid eyes Dutch sky (Oceane's Body Boutique) 
Shoes: Revelation
Lingerie: Earth & Sky
Hair: Sdys, Bizarre white

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