Sunday, January 30, 2011

Calling all nekos

Have you been feeling the purrfect urge to showcase all your nine lives, but haven’t found the right skin to do so yet? Have no fear, Oceane’s here!
Our lovely Oceane Grimaux has this special Neko skin that’s sure to s-purr you kitties on.  This kitty neko skin has some special cat scratches and paw prints to give it that authentic cat-dragged-in look Smile. It’s such a steal at 500L for the level of detail on the skin like the nail polish, scratches, paint, and tattoo work.
You should also pick up this absolutely precious liquid 3 tone neko eyes to go with it. Its priced at just 150L.
While you’re there, do check out Peaches, Shye and Rose, they’re discounted.


Check it out: Oceane's Body Boutique

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