Tuesday, July 3, 2012

About Oceane's makeups...(FAQ)

I often get a lot of questions about my creations. People want me to make a new skin, or a special makeup on a skin or a shape. Almost everything is possible, but some things need to be explained.
So here are a few questions. Feel free to comment.

Q: I want one full makeup on one tattoo layer. Is that possible?
A: Yes. If you are not using Firestorm or the official SL viewer 2.0+ which offer multiple layering up to 5 layers then you probably want your makeup made on one layer.
This is what you need to do: Choose your favorite eyeshadow and lipstick combination in my store and send me the notecard with your request. I add 50L to the regular price of a full makeup which is 250L. 

Q: I like your lipsticks but some of them don't fit my skin. The lips on my skin are bigger and my lipstick layer doesnt cover that. Can you do something about it? 
A: Most of the time I can. I can change make a lipstick of mine into wider or bigger (or smaller even) so it will fit the lips on a particular skin made by another designer or another skin by me. 
Send me a notecard with a picture (Close headshot), the name of your skin and the designer that made it. This can be a skin made by any skin designer that still sells their skins in SL.If it's one of my own skins just put the name in the notecard. For instance:

Skin: Lauren skin, Oceane Body Design, honey tan
Lipstick you want on that skin: Terry lips into the night.

I will reply on that and tell you how much it will cost. I can't say upfront yet because it depends on how many lipsticks you want and how much time it will take me to tweak the lips.

Q: Why is it important for you to know the tan? I want to be able to wear my lips on any skin.
A: I need to know the tan because the color of the lips look different on a very pale skin in comparison to a very dark skin and vice versa. Some lip colors just don't look good on dark or pale and need adjustment.
However, the lips I make are perfect cut outs, no mistake about that. It is possible to wear the lips on any skin or tan, it's just that the color might not give a good result. It could look like it's pasted on your skin instead of painted, which would look more natural.

Q: Can I order a lipstick in another color that is not available in your store?
A: Yes, you can. Make a notecard with your name and add pictures, url's, foto's, any example that shows the color you want. Also important: the color of your skin. 
If you want another eyeshadow or nailpolish, then same answer. Another color is possible, but I have to test it. 

Q: How do you make make-ups?
A: Well I suppose I can tell you some things, just not all:)
There are many ways to make make-ups and a high quality make-up always takes lots of efforts.
I am a professional photoshop artist, I do it every day for over 12 years, but even for me some makeups require more skills then others. Lips are difficult. That has to do with the mesh and it has to do with shadings and highlights. Place a few pixels wrong and your lips will bleed.
If I work with photo's I make a cut out of the lips, then an alpha layer and brush away what I don' t need. I make sure it fits the template of Chip Midnight or/and Robin Wood. Of course I use one of my own skin templates. Then I start with blending effects, use dodge and burn where needed, draw lines where needed and so on. This is an intense process. I make a selection of the lips and add layers for coloring, balance, levels, curves or whatever is neede. When I am fully satisfied I start testing them one by one to see how it looks on different tans and skins. So yeah... sometimes I work 2 weeks on lips, sometimes even longer because often I need to put it away to look at it the next day with another view. The coloring of the lips is not simply sliding your RGB one from one number to another, it doesn't work that way. Not for me.

Q: I have seen lipsticks from another designer but I don't like the color. Can you make them for me?
A: No. I do NOT want to copy someone elses work. I am far too vain to do that and way too proud on my own work. Like any other designer I tend to be unique. The only thing I am offering is to adjust a makeup made by me in a different color (or width). I cannot do that for someone elses lipsticks.  
If you like lips of another designer and want those in another color just contact that designer. Please respect my and someone elses work.

Q: I have an idea for a new fantastic make-up. Can you make that for me?
A: I can make almost anything within SL's limits of course. However, as I explained before, a complete new make-up is time consuming. So it depends on how big your wallet is actually. It works like this for me: Send me a notecard with everything you want me to know about your idea. I will send you my price list. If you agree on what I charge you send me 50% upfront and I start working. 

Q: But what if I just want to share my idea with you and not have the money to pay you for this custom makeup? 
A: Then you have to wait until I either have time or the urge to make it. If I ever will. 

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