Wednesday, April 28, 2010

1000 Members groupgift. Yay!

We reached the 1000+ members this week and I didn't even notice, I just forgot to look! But here it is, the teal april lingerie, smexy as hell for all my girls, it comes in 17 layers! This lingerie is full with lovely options: you can wear it as a body, with open or closed cups, with our without suspenders, with ruffles on the open cups or with the fluttery sheer babydoll. I even added an underlayer with flowers on the nippies. Don't you agree this is superhot? Come and get this outfit in Wunderville and be sure to wear your tag!

Model: Keisha
Skin: Shye Cream Crazy Baby 
Shape: Jade 

Except for the model it's all available in my store (and Keisha will be happy to help you ).

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